Monday, March 26, 2012

Theological Virtues On Stained Glass Windows at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

I went on a tour of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral today.
I was amazed at the Masonic Symbolism hidden at various places of this awesome Cathedral.  
Three stained glass windows caught my eye at the Chapel. Freemasons will recognize the symbolism to correspond with those taught in the Entered Apprentice degree Tracing Board. 

Entered Apprentice Tracing Board
The window closest to the altar shown here symbolizes Charity (Love) which is the last of the principle or theological virtues. 
This stained glass window depicts a lady offering food to a child and another offering  clothes. to a child.
The words are: Hungry and ye fed me. Naked and ye clothed me.

The middle window shown here symbolizes Hope, which is the second of the principle or theological virtues. This stained glass window depicts, a lady holding a Bible and a lady holding a basket of fruits.
The words are: Whosoever Liveth and Believeth in Me Shall Never Die.