Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Honour of a Freemason

"...the sacred dictates of Truth, of Honour, and of Virtue.
What does Honour mean?

What is Honor?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Ritual Experience - Are you the hero in your masonic journey?

Does your masonic journey
have parallels with
the heroes of ancient myths? 

I found the analogy of the ordinary world and the 'special' world and the narrative that connects it especially captivating.
The keywords that struck me(I'm sure there are more) were -
  • Mysterious, 
  • assistance, 
  • wiser, 
  • crosses the threshold, 
  • trials, 
  • escapes, 
  • approach, 
  • ordeal, 
  • crisis, 
  • darkest hour, 
  • death, 
  • reborn, 
  • special recognition, 
  • return to the ordinary world, 
  • new life, 
  • experience that transforms you, 
  • symbolic. 
Take  a close look at the video below. What words do you recognize?