Monday, October 28, 2013

Rev Dr John Theophilus Desaguiler's Visit to Edinburgh - What actually happened by Bro Trevor Stewart

This talk was given at a Research Lodge under the ANZ Masonic Research Council.
In it Bro. Dr. Trevor Stewart gives a detailed talk using the Minute Books of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No 1, on the actual evidence of what happened when Rev Dr John Theophilus Desaguilers – A Past Grand Master of England – visited the Lodge of Edinburgh in the Summer of 1721.

Was this when the third degree was introduced in Scotland?

Presentation: The Reverend Dr John Theophilus Desaguilers’ Visit to Edinburgh - Bro Trevor Stewart from Lostock Films on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Official Trailer of the 2013 movie - "The Freemason"

The Freemason - Movie Synopsis

A wealthy banker lies ritualistically and brutally murdered.

The banker's daughter and only heir, Rana (Alex McKenna), calls upon Cyrus Rothwell (Randy Wayne), a brilliant but eccentric freelance writer, to assist in the investigation.

Teaming up with veteran homicide detective Leon Weed (Sean Astin), they suddenly find themselves thrust into the cryptic world of Freemasonry- pitted against a killer searching for a legendary relic, shrouded by hundreds of years of myth and mystery. Freemasons Sheldon Lombard (Richard Dutcher) and Jericho Beck (Joseph James) decide to help Cyrus while teaching him about Masonic history, Rothwell's troubles multiply as he deduces the killer is one of the banker's close inner circle. With an inheritance of millions hanging in the balance, everyone is a suspect and every action perceived as motive. Rothwell's path becomes even more cloudy as his relationship with the beautiful heiress dances on the edge of charm and collusion. Cyrus begins to realize that if he does not solve the case soon he might be the next victim.

Cyrus is forced to come to grips with powers beyond his natural senses as well as his own mysterious past ties to Freemasonry in order to unmask the killer before they strike again.

Here is the trailer: