Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Freemasonry Today - Free from persecution: Freemasonry and democracy go hand-in-hand

Have you ever wondered why Freemasonry is seen in some societies and not in others? 

There seems to be a correlation between our fraternity's presence and freedom.

In addition to that our requirement that candidates believe in a supreme being, our system of morality, our acceptance of only good men, then teaching them to strive for higher standards, our practice of tolerance and respect for others, our belief in equality and freedom of thought, and our caring for others in the community are all revolutionary ideas in oppressive societies and unfortunately we cannot live without them!!

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Freemasonry Today - Free from persecution: Freemasonry and democracy go hand-in-hand

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movember story - Adam Garone

Freemasons are acutely aware of the need to change themselves for the better.
"...to dedicate yourself to such pursuits as may at once enable you to be respectable in life, useful to mankind..."

On being asked to return the change that was due on purchasing a bus ticket a bus conductor once said:
"Change can't be given to you every time; You only must bring the change"

Hidden in this ignorant retort is a truth that sometimes we need to become the change that we need to bring about. 

In this context, I would recommend this 17 minute talk by the guy who started the Movember movement.The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health".

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freemasons - The Inside Story (Episode 2)

Here is episode 2 which aired on April 1st 2013:
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In this episode :

  • A phone in Q&A session with the Victorian Grand Master Bob Jones and the Victorian Deputy Grand Master Hillel Benedykt.
  • The role of women in Freemasonry - the wives of a few Grand Masters (present and past) share their views.
  • A segment showing Dr. Patrick Bowden who is the senior oncologist at the Epoworth Freemasons Hospital receiving a donation from the Fraternity on behalf of the hospital.
  • A show and tell session with Bro. Jim Spreadborough on Past Master jewels.
  • An talk with a younger Freemason regarding his experiences within the Fraternity.
 The rest of the episodes can be seen online as they become available on the following website:http://www.c31.org.au/program/view/program/freemasons-victoria-the-inside-story

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Freemasons - The inside story (Episode 1)

The Australian TV series on Freemasonry in Victoria, that I had talked about in an earlier post has now became available online and as promised I share it here.

Here is episode 1 which aired on March 25th 2013: 

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