Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freemasons - The Inside Story (Episode 2)

Here is episode 2 which aired on April 1st 2013:
Please click on the link below:

In this episode :

  • A phone in Q&A session with the Victorian Grand Master Bob Jones and the Victorian Deputy Grand Master Hillel Benedykt.
  • The role of women in Freemasonry - the wives of a few Grand Masters (present and past) share their views.
  • A segment showing Dr. Patrick Bowden who is the senior oncologist at the Epoworth Freemasons Hospital receiving a donation from the Fraternity on behalf of the hospital.
  • A show and tell session with Bro. Jim Spreadborough on Past Master jewels.
  • An talk with a younger Freemason regarding his experiences within the Fraternity.
 The rest of the episodes can be seen online as they become available on the following website: