Tuesday, December 10, 2013

W. Bro. Srikanta Wadiyar called to the Grand Lodge above today

W. Bro Maharaja Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar Bahadur, was called to the Grand Lodge above today. 

W. Bro Wodeyar, 60, had the heart attack at his Bangalore home. He was the prince of Mysore Kingdom and head of the Wadiyar dynasty that ruled the Kingdom of Mysore between 1399 and 1950. 

"And to so high an eminence has its credit been advanced that in every age monarchs themselves have been promoters of the art, have not thought it derogatory to their dignity to exchange the sceptre for the trowel, have patronised our mysteries and joined in our assemblies." 

He was a Founder Member and Past Master of Lodge Jayachamaraja No.308, Mysore and also a member of Lodge Mysore No.34

During October 2013 he gave an audience to M W the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India, M W Bro. Vasudev J Masurekar OSM, R W the Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India, R W Bro. R Sushil Raj and W Bro. Ujjval M Joshi, Assistant Regional Grand Master of the Bangalore Area. Attached herewith is a Photo marking this meeting. R W Bro. G K Balakrishnan facilitated this meeting.